Donor Management Software for QuickBooks

Cultivate great relationships with your donors by tracking follow-ups and donation history all in one place.

Know Each Donor

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Activities, Follow-Ups, and Reminders

View a complete history of donations, activities, and follow-ups for each supporter in your donor management software. Method:Donor makes it easy to track every interaction, whether by phone, email, fax, appointment, or fundraising event. Set reminders, schedule follow-ups, and assign tasks to staff and volunteers, so nothing gets missed.

Unlimited Contacts Per Donor

It’s often not enough to track just a “Contact” and “Alt Contact” in QuickBooks. Instead, add unlimited contacts per donor or vendor in Method:Donor.  Save the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and job titles of everyone involved in your fundraising.

Even better — the import/export tool lets you quickly import all of your contacts from a spreadsheet or another CRM. You’ll be up and running with better donor management in no time!

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks
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Track Potential Donors Outside of QuickBooks

You don’t need to clutter your QuickBooks file with potential donors or leads. By using the “Lead Status Only” field, new potential donors entered in Method don’t sync into QuickBooks until they make a donation. Your accountant will love you!

Shared Calendars

With shared calendars in your donor management software, you, your staff, and your volunteers can see each other’s tasks and donor follow-ups. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily reschedule appointments or reassign them from one team member to another.

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks
Method:CRM contact screen app ribbon

Email Campaigns

Quickly create and send mass emails to your donors, members, and volunteers with email campaigns. You can easily filter contacts based on key criteria (for example, those donors who live in California) and inform them about events that are relevant to them.

You can also simplify your donor follow-ups using custom email templates. For example, use your “potential donor” template to follow up and keep your hot leads hot!

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