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Customize your system to match the unique way you get your fundraising done.

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Your Look. Your Brand.

Look professional by customizing thank you letter, tax receipt and other templates with your logo and organization colors.

100% Customizable, 100% Code-Free.

We know one size does not fit all, especially for nonprofits. That’s why Method:Donor is 100% customizable, 100% code-free. Method screens are not designed by software programmers. They’re designed by people who use the same drag-and-drop tools that are available to you. The possibilities are endless! You can customize Method yourself, or work with one of our Business Solutions Specialists.

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks
Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

Donor Pages for Each Fundraising Program.

Have as many donor pages as you need. Collect online donations for each one of your fundraising programs with a customized donor page. Update the colours and logo to match each program’s brand, and set-up the right thank you emails, follow-ups and reminders for each program. You can even have different thank you emails depending on donation amount.

Custom Fields & Tables

These aren’t your ho-hum “custom fields” that you see in traditional programs! These are true database fields that you create and use everywhere in Method, just like the pre-built fields. Field types can be text, dates, numbers, currencies, or file attachments. With Method:Donor, you can create database tables and dropdown lists fields to track family relationships and more.

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks
Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

Custom Screens

All screens in Method are designed using a drag-and-drop designer — there’s no scripting or code involved! You just simply drag a field or object onto your screen and edit its properties, such as its caption or color. And since all pre-built screens are open for you to redesign, you can copy and modify existing screens instead of starting from scratch.

Custom Buttons & Actions

Behind every button is a list of actions that run when it is clicked. These actions are set up using a wizard and can lead to some pretty amazing things, like saving a customer, sending an email, or looping through a list of invoices. Actions are the heart of Method, and replace the need for expensive and complex code or scripting.

Customizable CRM for QuickBooks
Customizable CRM for QuickBooks

Create Custom Reports, Charts, and Graphs

Method comes with a built-in report designer that allows you to modify and build reports, charts, and graphs. They can be displayed as images in Method, PDFs, or sent as email attachments.

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